Research Area

Since the establishment of our laboratory in 1996, we, VILab(Vehicle Intelligence Lab.), have researched in the networks and security area and continuously gotten many SCI papers published in IEEE such as TON(Transactions on Networking), JSAC(Journal on Selected Area in Communications). Furthermore, we announced the research result in several famous international conferences like INFOCOM, ICC, GLOBECOM, etc. In 2009, we established the Intelligent Vehicle IT Research Center funded by the Korean Government, and we started the intelligent vehicle research. Now we are conducting various researches for the intelligent vehicle.


Automated Driving


  • Campus Mobility Service
    • Perception of dynamic environment & drivable space decision
    • High-accuracy localization based on 3D map
    • Decision making in unsignalized intersection
    • AEB ( Autonomous Emergency Braking )
    • Narrow road driving


<Platform 1 : Baby In Car>

<Platform 2 : SNU Automated Drive>


<Unsignalized intersection experiment result>


<Experiment on campus loop>


Environment Perception for Autonomous Vehicles


  • Vehicle Vision for Detection
    • Lane, vehicle, pedestrian, bicycle, road and traffic sign detection
  • Vehicular Laser Scanner Processing
    • Vehicle, pedestrian, road and drivable space detection
  • Sensor Fusion
    • Camera + Laser Scanner
<Image and LIDAR processing>

Localization for Autonomous Vehicles


  • Map Building
    • 3D digital map building based on point clouds
    • Map data management optimization
  • Map Matching
    • Matching of sensed data with map
    • Visual localization
    • Background and foreground extraction
  • Pose Estimation 
<Vehicle localization using LIDAR>

UAV & UGV  Cooperative Control


  • Object Detection
    • Lane, road and obstacle detection
  • Map Building
    • Global map building from UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
    • Local map building from UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle)
    • Extended map building
  • Localization
    • Feature mapping
    • Map matching
  • Path Planning
<UGV platform>



<UAV platform>



IoT Security


  • Security of IoT Gateway
    • Detection of malwares and unauthorized traffic
    • Protection of Inner IoT devices
  • Distributed Storage
    • Enhancement of data availability
    • Enhancement of access time
    • Protection of personal privacy
  • Cyber Physical System Security
    • Control system security
    • Combined security of HW and SW
<IoT security>
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